Part Eight - Justice For Diva - "Who is Intimidator and the bully?"

In a civil case you are required to disclose expert witnesses as well as lay witnesses prior to trial.
One of my expert witnesses was the awesome riveting testimony of David Moore, the Forensic Handwriting Expert who testified the defendants co-ownership document was a forgery. A misdemeanor offense in the State of Idaho.

We brought in Laura Reeves, a well respected breeder/handler and a member of the Professional Dog Handler Association, Reeves testified about the industry standard in dog breeding and the value of purebred dogs. She testified about the American Kennel Club and their standards. Most importantly Reeves testified about dog handling standards, code of ethics and the code of conduct. Reeves stated the defendant did not meet the standards and that when a dog is requested to be returned, the handler sends the dog home.

The defendant after initially presenting two pages of witnesses without any disclosure of their testimony, whittled her witness list on December 27, 2017.
1. Me
2. Herself
3. My husband who received a subpoena not only to have his deposition taken, which lasted about 10 minutes because he is not involved with my dogs, but to appear as their witness.
4. Kathy Whipple
5. Brandy Brian
6. Michelle Radloff
7. A stalker from my past employment
8. John Connor

WHO IS MISSING FROM THIS LIST? The co-defendant Claire Hertzog during the deposition threw her mother, the defendant under the bus - big time when she stated DIVA is MY dog and should have been returned LONG AGO. Of Course the defendant doesn't want Claire present at the trial. Thanks Claire for being honest.

The defendant listed me, herself and my husband.
On the disclosure, the three witnesses, Whipple, Brian, and Radloff would testify to the same thing. Appearing after each name as if cut and pasted read - "having information regarding Plaintiff's credibility and her habit of intimidating and bullying people."
I do not know Whipple, Brian or Radloff. Never met them and wouldn't know them if I saw them. I know Whipple breeds Golden Retrievers under the prefix Tamarack Golden Retrievers, but that's it. I've heard of her, but don't know her.
Brian and Radloff I had to investigate.
Brian owns dogs and lives in Boise Idaho. I don't know her and wouldn't know her if I saw her.
Radloff is an attorney from Michigan who boosts about her "extensive experience with animal law issues, particularly involving dogs. Proponent of anti-breed specific legislation. Dog show/lease/purchase contracts. Defense of dogs. Representation of rescue and private individuals."
The defendant testified under oath that she hired Radloff, an attorney in Michigan. Radloff prepared legal documents that the defendant herself filed with an Idaho court. Further investigation (I missed my calling on being a private investigator) revealed Radloff was previously SUSPENDED FROM THE MICHIGAN STATE BAR... Radloff plead no contest that she neglected a legal matter; failed to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client; failed to keep a client reasonably informed about the status of a matter and to comply promptly with reasonable requests for information; failed to explain a matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit a client to make informed decisions regarding the representation; failed to make reasonable efforts to expedite litigation consistent with the interests of her client; engaged in conduct prejudicial to the proper administration of justice; engaged in conduct that exposes the legal profession or the courts to obloquy, contempt, censure, or reproach; and engaged in conduct that is contrary to justice, ethics, honesty, or good morals.
WOW.... really? Great witness - and legal expert.
Let me skip the "stalker" for a minute and refresh your memory on John Connor, a attorney from defendant's backyard in Missouri.
When defendant failed to respond to my numerous requests to send Diva HOME, I reached out to social media for answers. Social media is a helpful tool to seek information when other methods have failed. A lost dog is easy found and reunited quickly if posted on social media. I get it when dog thieves steal dogs they don't want it posted on social media - but too bad. All you had to go was put Diva on a plane when I asked.
John Connor, who defendant hired to write a letter directing me to "cease and desist" posting on social media about Diva. Connor wrote to send defendant $10,000 because of my social media posts. Even wrote that his client, the defendant was claiming ownership on Diva, Twister and Angel and to turn them over because she was entitled to them. Did not mention if Diva was alive...
On October 20, 2017, days after defendant FINALLY hired Idaho legal representation, this attorney sent a letter stating I was going to be sued for "defamation, breach of contract, forgery among other things" unless I stopped my JUSTICE FOR DIVA civil suit. This attorney who represented the defendant in the trial must have confused ME with his OWN client.

ANIMAL THEFT IN MISSOURI IS A FELONY. The defendant dodged that bullet initially by lying to the Cass County Sheriff's department that she owns Diva.
Who is intimidating and bullying?

Now for the stalker.... I won't say his name because he IS a nightmare. While being employed as the Captain of Animal Control and Humane Investigator, this idiot took it upon his crazy self to threaten me and the President of the Humane Society. His threats and shenanigans were a nightmare for the county and all associated with it. The District Attorney became involved as well as private law firms hired by the Humane Society. I was a target of the rage for years while hitting the streets rescuing and saving animals.
Not to give this ass 10 more minutes of my time, in short, this man trespassed on my California property and killed two of my miniature horses sending a clear message. This man threatened to kill me and float my dead body in the San Francisco bay behind the shelter because according to his multiple threats - that's where I belonged... This man, a defendant in a child custody hearing entered a California courtroom and concealed a loaded .45 in a laptop case. He was convicted of possessing a firearm in a public building - a courtroom.
The defendant's attorney listed the "stalker" as a witness and lead us to believe he was coming to Idaho to testify. The defendant's attorney released my current Idaho address. The local Sheriff's office and prosecutor was made aware of this man, his criminal history, and made the necessary precautions to protect me, my attorney and everyone in the courthouse during the trial.

Who is intimidating and bullying?
After all the smoke and mirrors, after all the intimidating and bullying, defendant was the only person sitting on her side of the courtroom.
Defendant was her only witness.
No one else was presented on behalf of the defendant. The defendant and her attorney were left gasping for air after the daughter's deposition was played, after David Moore said she presented a fraudulent document, and Laura Reeves, the real dog expert spoke about standard within the dog industry.

After the jury spoke... "Debra Hanson owns 100 percent of Diva" - the defendant STILL won't return Diva.
Again I ask - WHERE IS DIVA?
Is Diva alive? (waiting for AKC DNA results)

Court Documents
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Radloff Suspension
  Conner Letter Page 1
  Conner Letter Page 2

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