JUSTICE FOR DIVA - CHAPTER 18 - You asked... I answered - What's next?
I want my dog Diva back.
I bred Diva and own her. The evidence was presented. The jury ruled.
The defendant has until March 7, 2018 to appeal what a jury of 12 unanimously handed down to the defendant.
Simply returning Diva would have prevented the jury trial.
Simply returning Diva almost two years ago, and returning Diva now would have prevented the social media outcry and current support that DIVA SHOULD GO HOME.
The defendant has made her choice to force me to fight for Diva.
The defendant has made her choice to defend her egregious actions within her tiny circle of friends by privately sharing her interpretations of defense.
The defendant's silence to those that question the motive - speaks volumes.
The opportunity to present a defense passed when the jury handed down the verdict of stealing Diva and attempted theft of Twister and awarded me $48,000.00 in damages.
Appeals must have legal merit, meaning an appeal has to be based on arguments that there were errors in the trial's procedure or errors in the judge's interpretation of the law. You cannot produce additional evidence. The appeal cannot be based on the defendant just not liking the outcome.
There wasn't any legal errors, but I am sure they'll make up something to delay the utilization of the judgment and delay the return of Diva.
The defendant can delay, but the story in the end will not change.
The only thing that can possibly change is once the appeal is filed, the defendant's daughter will be dragged back into the civil case as the appeal by her mother - will definitely affect the daughter.
I have hired a Missouri attorney who has been instructed to register the foreign judgment into Cass County, apply any and all liens on properties, levy bank accounts, repossess vehicles, and file a motion to bring her to court in Missouri for a debtor's review. Under oath she will be asked about her assets. The Missouri attorney is aware of this dishonesty and deceitfulness of defendant and has been given a copy of the videotaped deposition as well as the forensic handwriting experts findings along with the defendants videotaped deposition. A deposition I will be posting to YouTube.
MOST importantly the Missouri attorney will file the necessary legal documents (Replevin) so that the Cass County Sheriff's Office can ONCE AGAIN knock on the defendant's door but this time armed with documents that will not only allow him access to Diva where ever she may be, but slap handcuffs on this lying thief.
Missouri apparently because of the amount of animal thieves, puppy mills, and cattle ranchers, they have some of the best laws to bring justice to ANIMAL thieves.
Class A Misdemeanor: If the value of the property or services stolen is less than $500, the theft is a class A misdemeanor under Missouri law.
Class B Felony Theft: Under Missouri law, theft constitutes a class B felony if the value of the property or services stolen is $25,000 or more.
Class C Felony Theft: Theft is classified as a class C felony if it involves property valued at $500 or more, an explosive weapon, or if the offender is a dealer in the type of stolen goods involved.
Class D Felony Theft: It is a class D felony if a person steals an animal belonging to another person.
Thank you to the Missouri legislators for the CLASS D FELONY for animal thieves.
Doesn't get much clearer than that. FELONY CLASS D.
Some people have questioned why not just jump on a plane or drive to Missouri to get Diva.
As a former humane officer and Captain of Animal Control, I am fully aware of the ramifications of violating the 4th amendment. I have never broken the law, been arrested or convicted of any crime, and jumping fences will simply without a doubt land me in jail. A place I have never been as I am a law abiding person as I journey down this path for Diva. I cannot help Diva, or any other animal from a jail cell.
I insist on doing things the legal way even if I am forced to sit back and watch the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly. A justice system which criminals to file unnecessary motions and appeals.
The defendant can delay as it's been the motive from day one, but again the story in the end will remain the same. You can't erase the evidence even with an appeal.
As a former humane officer and Captain of Animal Control, this job wasn't easy. It certainly didn't bring me a lot of popularity and frankly I pissed off a lot of people who abuse animals. I took that job so that abused animals who didn't have a voice could speak and those that abused animals would be held accountable. I did my job and did it extremely well.
Holding abusive people accountable makes them want to get even and take revenge. I've been stalked, bullied, my life threatened on numerous occasions which required security. I've had lies spread about me publicly attacking me to make what I do seem irrelevant. All part of the job - (shoulder shrug) My compassion is for animals.
I had the support of the humane society president who at times fell victim to the revengeful acts of others, even having his family threatened to the point he relocated his residence. People are crazy and when desperate will do anything.
Despite the attacks, and misleading information spread by media sources, life for us employed by the human society continued on and we persevered despite the human road blocks.
You can attempt to silence our voices, but you cannot silence the truth.
Animal abusers which in my opinion includes animal thieves should be held accountable for their actions regardless of the push back.
My voice continues to heard.
I will not be intimidated.
Justice for Diva is not my first rodeo with despicable people who are so desperate they will cut and paste anything... co -ownership agreement, AKC registration forms, probate papers ALL in an attempt to dig themselves out of the hole they dug themselves in to.
I doubt Justice for Diva will be my last fight.
Although retired from my animal control days because of a career ending injury , I still have that burning desire, that deeply rooted compassion to help all animals who are needlessly subjected to GOD knows what in the hands of deplorable people.
I stand with DIVA as well as my ENTIRE family... along with good friends and fellow supporters.
Justice for Diva will continue.

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