Part Five
Part Five - Justice for Diva - "Never under estimate me..."

I did not sign the co-ownership agreement that defendant presented a month before a pivotal November 2017 court hearing. A co-ownership document that was NEVER presented during the seven month journey of asking "WHERE IS DIVA?
A co-ownership agreement that was never produced when the Cass County Sheriff came knocking on her door.
A co-ownership never produced in her AKC complaint against me alleging she owned Diva.
A co-ownership agreement that was never produced prior to the defendant hiring an attorney in October 2017.
A co-ownership agreement that was presented to gain and advantage in the civil suit.
You would think if the co-ownership agreement was valid, Defendant would have called me and said, "Hey remember that agreement you signed giving me your dog for life?" Well.. it never happened.
I was playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS when my computer alerted me I had an email. It was from my attorney. I exhaled as I usually did wondering "Now what?" I was tired of the defendant consistently placing road blocks I was determined to climb - at any cost. I just wanted my dog back.
The email contained a co-ownership agreement dated July 1, 2015 with the words from my attorney - "call me."
I have testified in many court hearings to hold those hands that abuse animals to the fire. I have always been dedicated in my career and gave each case 110 percent and that dedication showed in the convictions by the District Attorneys office.
Since Diva's disappearance my investigative skills were working overtime. My life became my journey to seek Justice for Diva. This was personal.
My credibility was never questioned by my attorney. She appreciated my background, my investigative skills and my wit. All of which assisted in the evidence presented to the jury who awarded me a judgment.
When I called my attorney, of course the paralegal knew my voice and transferred me through to my attorney. "What do you think about this co-ownership agreement?" she asked. Without hesitation, I told my attorney it was a fraudulent document and what appears to be my signature was a "cut and paste" from a 2013 puppy purchase agreement I signed when I purchased Angel from the defendant.
My investigative skills were on posi-traction...
"Are you sure of the source signature?" my attorney asked. I responded "Absolutely!"
We each pulled out of respective copies of the Puppy Sales Agreement and looked at the signature. With our naked eyes... we concurred.
"What do you want to do?" she asked. "Give me 10 minutes."
I called one of my legal buddies in California and asked who do you use as a handwriting expert. My email pinged and I had the name of the best.
I retained David S. Moore, Forensic Handwriting Expert, FBI and Court certified since 1974. A heavy resume of education and court testimony which most of his peers could only dream of.
Day two sitting in court starring at the judge, I began to day dream... "Wouldn't it have been easier to just put Diva on the plane when I first asked?"
I resisted the temptation to shake my head because I was seated next to the jury of 12. The defendant was on the other side of the courtroom.
"Call your next witness" the judge interrupted my thoughts and my attorney stood proudly and confidently said, "Your honor, we call Forensic Handwriting Expert, David S. Moore." This was a game changer.
The defendants attorney sprung from his seat and requested a side bar. As both attorneys huddled in front of the judge's bench, I strained unsuccessfully to hear the muffled words.
In walked David S. Moore, a man who could have easily been depicted in a Sherlock Holmes novel.
Mr. Moore sat down in the witness chair. I noticed most jurors edge closer to the end of their juror chairs. It's not every day a Forensic Handwriting Expert comes to Idaho to testify. In fact, Mr. Moore testified this was his first case in the State of Idaho.
Mr. Moore took his time as my attorney asked about his education, his training, his courtroom experience all while answering the questions looking directly at the jurors. I glanced over to the defendants table and saw both the defendant and her attorney starring straight ahead with knowledge what was coming.
I looked at the jurors as Mr. Moore said he was the thirteenth person to be certified within the National Handwriting Expert Board.
One juror who looked as though he wasn't born until the 1980's was shaking his head... "cool dude" was the expression on his face.
This "cool dude" presented graphs, charts, diagrams.. something out of Forensic Files, or Crime Scene Investigations.
Mr. Moore testified to the following -
1. The co-ownership document was "cut and pasted."
2. The signature was indeed lifted from the 2013 Puppy Sales Agreement.
3. The font was inconsistent.
4. The signature lines for both myself and defendant were separately out of alignment.
5. The "cut and paste" reduction was done by an HP copy machine with standard reduction percentages.
AND it went on.... as both defendant and her attorney slumped into their respective chairs.
When Mr. Moore concluded his testimony, I couldn't wait to shake the hand of this respected man. I could have listened to him all day. I would have loved to hear about his testimony in prior cases. I was here for Diva so I kept my curiosity in check and remained seated as Mr. Moore left the courtroom.
The look on the jurors faces was priceless.
My attorney said she needed to talk to me. We walked into the law library and she closed the door.
Remember when the defendant's attorney asked for a sidebar prior to Mr. Moore's testimony?
Defendant's attorney stated to the judge -
The jury hung on every word… fraudulent, forged, cut and pasted…
Hanson never signed the co-ownership agreement.

Court Document
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Expert Witness

Forensic Handwriting Expert, David S. Moore
justice for diva Forensic Handwriting Expert, David S. Moore

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