Part Four
PART FOUR - "Desperate People DO desperate things...."

Facts - Let me count the numerous ways I asked for Diva back starting in MAY of 2016.

1. Sent a crate, dog pad and dished direct to defendant via Chewy.com. (receipt provided as evidence)
2. Made not ONE but three airline reservations attempting to accommodate defendants "schedule." facebook messenger provided all three reservations requests)
3. Contacted defendant and daughter via a facebook group demanding to be contacted to schedule the return of my dog, Diva.
4. I called defendant and left multiple voicemail messages. (never returned)
5. Husband contacts defendant and offered to DRIVE from Idaho to Missouri to pick up Diva. ("Too busy" to hand Diva outside the gate was the response.)
6. Attorney sent defendant and daughter a letter demanding to be contacted to make arrangements to return my dog, Diva.
7. Attorney files a felony dog theft complaint with the Cass County Sheriff Department. Defendant lies to Sheriff telling him, Diva is her dog.
8. I post on Facebook - "WHERE IS DIVA?
9. Defendant has an attorney contact me VIA a letter demanding I cease and desist posting on social media and to fork over all my dogs and $10K. I contact this attorney and ASK - "WHERE IS DIVA and IS SHE ALIVE? Defendants attorney offers NO ANSWERS and said he would find out and call me back... STILL WAITING.
10. I create the Facebook group SEVEN MONTHS LATER - "JUSTICE FOR DIVA" because I fear Diva is dead and like others, reach out to social media to get answers because I have none.
11. I file a civil complaint December of 2016

Defendant represented herself in the lawsuit up until November of 2017.

My attorney sent multiple discovery requests beginning in June of 2017 in which defendant herself responded to.

Defendant then hired an attorney in November of 2017.

Defendant's attorney complies with yet another discovery request and BAM... ELEVEN MONTHS LATER - this co-owner document appears for the first time.

This co-ownership document which bears my signature could have been disclosed in response to any of the above numbered 1 - 11 demands, but did not appear until November of 2017 - after defendant hiredan attorney.

Under oath, defendant offered no explanation as to why my attorney didn't receive the co-ownership document in the multiple discovery requests and had no explanation as to why the co-ownership document appears for the first time ever AFTER hiring an attorney.

Under oath, defendant offered this reasoning... "perhaps it was a electronic malfunction" alluding to a fax machine.

Under oath, defendant was asked if she had mailed any documents to my attorney. Answer - yes.

Under oath - my attorney asked her if the USPS had a "mail malfunction" and went on to say the court was mailed the same documents and no where in the court documents (because my attorney checked and entered the courts documents into evidence) does this co-ownership document, I allegedly signed in JULY of 2015 appear.

I bred Diva.
I own Diva.
Diva is my dog.
I paid 100 percent - defendant under oath, paid nothing.
There was no co-ownership.
Diva's registered name is SHERWOOD'S SUPER HEROINE. (misspelled on this Co-ownership document)
My dog, Diva was NEVER a Claircrest dog!

WHO would sign a co-ownership agreement allowing someone else to dictate terms and breeding rights of a dog YOU OWN and BRED on their own letterhead?
NOT ME....

This defendant underestimated this former Humane Investigator...


Court Document
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Co-ownership Fake

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