PART NINE... JUSTICE FOR DIVA - "Pick Your Poison"

The defendant filed a motion because they didn't like how the judgment verdict was written. The judgment was written up exactly as the jury rendered their verdict.
The defendant objected to the part that I own 100 percent of Diva and 100 percent of Twister.
The defendant is under the impression that I got a judgment for $48,000 and she gets to keep Diva.
Apparently the defendant held her hands over her ears as the jury verdict was read in open court.
Does Debi Hanson own 100 percent of Diva?
Jury answer - YES.
Does Debi Hanson own 100 percent of Twister?
Jury answer - YES
I have always owned 100 percent of both Diva and Twister from the minute I bred them.
The 12 member jury believed ME and read the jury instructions picking out the three charges that would give me the right to reclaim Diva and dismiss Defendant's claim to Twister.
The $48,000 judgment includes PN MANAGEMENT LLC - dba, THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST.
Defendant leases out her property she calls THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST for events such as the upcoming KANSAS CITY GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB'S specialty.
The judge SIGNED the JUDGMENT and it is now public record. Last month during an inspection Defendant presented a Golden Retriever she calls "Diva." I verified a microchip that defendant installed on this dog. I took a DNA swab and it is "pending" at AKC. I am waiting for the results.
I have DNA on Diva's mother, and the sire has DNA on file with AKC.
Pick your poison...
If the DNA comes back as a match to the Diva I bred and have always owned, the defendant stole my dog and has put me through intentional infection of emotional distress for 21 months and counting....
If the DNA comes back as a match to the Diva I bred and have always owned, and since the defendant has made no attempt to return my property after the jury verdict, and the SIGNED recorded judgment, the defendant has stolen and is still in possession of stolen property - that she has kept for almost two years.
A FELONY in the State of Missouri.
If Diva is dead, as I have suspected all along and this the defendants game is to hide the truth, there will be other criminal charges...
Pick your poison because I am not going anywhere.

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