Part One
January 12th 2018 - Thirteen months after filing the civil complaint… not knowing and still not knowing if Diva is alive or dead - JUSTICE FOR DIVA was served.

I was awarded a judgment against the defendant for CONVERSION OF DIVA which in legal terms is the following -
conversion - n. a civil wrong (tort) in which one converts another's property to his/her own use, which is a fancy way of saying "steals." Conversion includes treating another's goods as one's own, holding onto such property which accidentally comes into the convertor's (taker's) hands, or purposely giving the impression the assets belong to him/her. This gives the true owner the right to sue for his/her own property or the value and loss of use of it, as well as going to law enforcement authorities since conversion usually includes the CRIME OF THEFT.

In addition to the CONVERSION award, the jury handed down TRESPASS OF CHATTEL… AND … DISPARAGEMENT OF TITLE On Twister.

I was awarded $48,000 in damages AND…

The jury stated I was 100 percent owner of DIVA and 100 percent owner of TWISTER.

Defendant walked out of the courtroom… and flew back to Missouri.

Thank you jury members for seeing through the lies.

The question remains - WHERE IS DIVA?

Court Documents
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