As I sit here writing part seven, over a week after the defendant was found guilty of conversion for the theft of Diva...................
The defendant has made no attempts to return Diva after the jury verdict.
TODAY It's been 612 days since I asked for the return of DIVA on May 21, 2016.
Let that sink in.. 612 days.
Instead, this past weekend the defendant attended the Golden Retriever Specialty in St. Louis Missouri. I can't help wonder what the other exhibitors think of someone who was found guilty by a jury of 12 for basically the theft of Diva, and trying to convert the title of Twister to her own benefit.
I wonder how others who should be lowing their heads justify her unethical behavior to her face.
Are people truly blind to her actions?
Seven months of multiple requests asking for the return of Diva, I was booted out of one particular Golden Retriever forum on facebook for voicing my fear Diva had died or was missing. I reached out on social media to get answers because the defendant wasn't being forthcoming with questions regarding my dog, Diva.
Instead of helping me, many Golden Retriever breeder owners took this as an opportunity.
Some have assisted the defendant in lieu of helping me in getting my dog Diva back.
These same people were on my facebook page and I am sure were aware of my SUPER HERO puppy posts when Diva was born as well as other posts asking repeatedly for my dog back. These same people were present at a Norcal Golden Retriever Specialty in California when I was awarded Best in Sweeps with Twister at age 6 months and a day old.
I met Ann Greenbank DVM in Nebraska at the Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club Specialty on November of 2015, when she awarded the defendant BEST IN SWEEPS with my dog, Diva. At the time, I had no idea of the relationship between Greenbank and the defendant.
When the photographer took the winning photograph of Diva, Greenbank told me, "This girl is so nice I could take her home today."
This was the last time I saw Diva.
Later during my journey for JUSTICE FOR DIVA, I find out that Greenbank has handed numerous Best in Sweeps ribbons to the defendant with multiple dogs.
Greenbank, a licensed veterinarian from Canada, attended the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club's specialty in May 2017.
This specialty is independent from any All-breed clubs, conveniently held on defendants property THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST.
The KCGRC pays the defendant a fee for the usage of her property for this specialty as well as other fees for parking, food etc.
The KCGRC consists of a few members and the KCGRC President and daughter co-own Golden Retrievers with the defendant. The KCGRC hand picks appropriate judges that the defendant benefits from.
Greenbank was entered in the Bred-by class at the May 2017 KCGRC specialty.
Greenbank performed a BLOOD DRAW on "DIVA" on show grounds.
Somehow that blood travelled to PAW PRINT GENETICS in Washington State sometime after the two day weekend specialty was concluded.
A letter was sent along with the DNA sample to Paw Print Genetics in which ANN GREENBANK requested Paw Print Genetics to perform a DNA match. The letter was signed by ANN GREENBANK...DVM and witnessedby three people.
These people who are culpable do not know me or Diva but were fully aware of the lawsuit I filed in December of 2016. These people relied on defendant's word that the dog presented was Diva.
1. DARLENE HARMON - owns dogs with Donna Thompson out of...CLAIRCREST.
2. BRENDA KENCHINGTON - From Canada and owns a Golden Retriever by Greenbank.
3. DONNA THOMPSON - Owner of a Birnam Wood Golden Retriever AND her Golden Retriever sired litters for the defendant.
I became aware of this BLOOD DRAW when Associate Medical Director of Paw Print Genetics Casey Carl DVM telephoned me. Carl informed me that they received a DNA sample on a dog named "Diva" submitted by Ann Greenbank DVM along with a letter requesting Paw Print Genetics perform a DNA match against a 2015 DNA sample I submitted on Diva for genetic testing.
Carl told me that Greenbank DVM was "known" to Paw Print Genetics.
Carl told me he was calling to get permission to release my 2015 DNA sample and asked how I WOULD LIKE TO PAY FOR THE MATCH that Greenbank submitted.
WHOA... Wait a minute!!!
Blown away... How is Ann Greenbank associated with Paw Print Genetics, and why is she submitting a DNA sample on my dog without authorization from me.
I was informed that Ann Greenbank submitted DNA by a BLOOD DRAW instead of a simple DNA swab which would have been sufficient.
Greenbank is a licensed veterinarian in Canada. Greenbank is not licensed in the United States.
Casey told me if I paid for the DNA match with Greenbank's sample, Greenbank would OWN the DNA results of that test since she was the one that submitted the request without my permission to Paw Print Genetics.
Casey told me there was a microchip number associated with Greenbank's submitted DNA sample but declined to share that microchip number with me. When pressed, Casey said he had to check with his supervisor - owner of Paw Print Genetics, Lisa Shaffer.
Shaffer telephoned me and informed me she was "well aware" of the civil suit against the defendant. Interesting Shaffer had knowledge.
Shaffer refused to give me the microchip number of the DNA submitted by Greenbank and became frustrated when I began questioning her.
Shaffer said she would release my 2015 DNA sample on Diva to another company IF... IF I signed a liability release for her company because I challenged the confidentiality policy.
I challenged why PAW PRINT GENETICS still had 2015 DNA on my dog DIVA when I received the genetic reports on ruling out hereditary eye issues long ago.
Nobody likes to be caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Let's just stay I didn't sign the liability release Shaffer wanted me to.
I REFUSED to release my 2015 DNA sample on Diva to match the sample Greenbank submitted.
I smelled a big fat rat.
My attorney blasted off a letter to the defendant who at the time was representing herself requesting that a DNA sample on the dog she alleged to be DIVA be submitted to my attorney's office. Once submitted, I would request that the 2015 DNA sample at Paw Print Genetics be transferred to another laboratory and we would monitor the match of the DNA.
NEVER happened.
The defendant refused to submit a DNA swab sample to my attorney.
The defendant from December 2016 to November 2017 refused to submit a simple "proof of life" photograph or video on Diva.
The defendant allowed me and lead me to believe that from 2015 to... well now, that Diva was dead.
Now the kicker...
Paw Print Genetics went ahead and ran a DNA test on "Diva" which was processed on October 11 - 2017.
"Diva" who has the same AKC registered number as SHERWOOD'S SUPER HEROINE, my Diva, but on the Paw Print Genetics results has a registered name of simply "SUPER HEROINE."
I became aware of this Paw Print Genetics DNA test through my attorney's discovery requests.
Greenbank performs a veterinarian function in another country, a State where she has no veterinary license, submits and instructs DNA processing using her veterinarian credentials with full knowledge that I ownDiva.
I stated from day one... JUSTICE FOR DIVA.

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Greenbank Hertzog
  Greenbank Letter
  DNA Profiling Cert.
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