Justice For Diva... Part 10 - "Who Will Respond?"

The jury handed down their verdict on January 12, 2018.
The judgment was signed and recorded on January 24, 2018.
Page Two of that judgment clearly states that I own 100 percent of Diva.
Apparently to simply return Diva is not something that defendant or her legal representatives are willing to do.
I expect more games and road blocks because during the course of this legal battle, the defendant fought every issue filing motion after motion and losing each time.
I am sure her Idaho attorney or the "dog expert" attorney in Michigan are scratching...
My attorney is on her game... as usual.
Lien on property, impound vehicles, dogs are considered personal property too... Oh, did I mention my very first job while attending college was a BILL COLLECTOR at a collection agency. I was hired to be a receptionist, but soon my employer learned that I was better suited as a BILL COLLECTOR. A commission job... I made a boat load of money.
During the Missouri inspection in December of the alleged Diva presented by the defendant, I scanned the Golden Retriever for a microchip. It came back to a company called BuddyID - one of the many microchip registration companies.
I forwarded BuddyID the civil complaint against the defendant along with the judgment.
BuddyID contacted me and informed me that the defendant purchased the microchip installed in the alleged "DIVA" on May 16 - 2017.
(Let's not forget the ANN GREENBANK letter to PAW PRINT GENETICS that she scanned a microchip on "DIVA" four days later on May 20 - 2017.) More of that later...
A representative at BuddyID told me the dog's name that was registered to that microchip number belonged to a Golden Retriever named DIVA.
The representative from BuddyID told me that the defendant called and put several notes on the account that nobody is to be called but the defendant herself if "Diva" went missing and was located. WOW...
FUNNY THING about microchip companies - THEY DO NOT LIKE DOG THIEVES either!
As a result - BuddyID changed the registered owner on the "Diva" microchip to me and BLOCKED the account from defendant.
The microchip belonging to the alleged DIVA is now registered with BuddyID and AKC REUNITE to me.
I OWN DIVA... 100 percent.

AKC complaint.
There is an "open" investigation pending at AKC because of a complaint the defendant filed with the assistance of "friends" and AKC board member.
AKC's position is to not involve themselves in ownership issues, or any issue they can pass off elsewhere.
AKC always refers complaints as "civil in nature" and denies their AKC registration form is a legal form of ownership.
AKC Is just a registry like many others (UKC, IKC, CKC etc...) and if we don't play by their rules, you can't play in their sandbox.
AKC will suspend your dog's registration so you can't register puppies, but... get this... WILL allow you to still enter dog shows.
As a result of the defendant's fraudulent complaint to AKC, I forwarded one of my own -
Dear Lisa Johnston, (AKC representative)
I have attached the recorded certified judgment obtained against Nickie L. Hertzog, PN Management dba THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST for $48,000.00.
Nickie L. Hertzog was found guilty of conversion of Diva, and trespass of chattel on Twister, and disparagement of title on Twister, along with damages in the amount of $48,000.
The judgment states I am the 100 percent owner of DIVA and TWISTER.
I am requesting the following -
1. Immediate release of the American Kennel Club registration hold on Sherwood's Super Heroine, "Diva" - AKC registration number - SR84728701
2. Immediate release of the American Kennel Club registration hold on Sherwood's Super Hero Unleashed, "Twister" - AKC registration number - SR87852001
3. The removal of Nickie L. Hertzog from the American Kennel Club registration on Claircrest Sherwood's Thanks Furr Wings, "Angel" - AKC registration number - SR80758003
Nickie L. Hertzog has repeatedly refused to return Diva despite the judgment against her.
There are three parties named in the judgment.
1. Nickie L. Hertzog
2. PN Management dba,
It is my understanding that AKC approved a request from the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club Specialty to have the event on the property owned by Nickie L. Hertzog referred to as THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST. This event is scheduled for May 19 and 20 - 2018.
I am requesting that AKC suspend Nickie L. Hertzog (defendant #1) from privileges to host the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club specialty on (defendant #2) property known as THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST.
It is also my understanding that Nickie L. Hertzog (defendant #1) has been approved by AKC to certify therapy dogs on (defendant #2) property known at THE PARK AT CLAIRCREST.
I am requesting that AKC suspend any privileges that would allow Nickie L. Hertzog (defendant #1) to provide AKC certification of therapy dogs.
Nickie L. Hertzog submitted a Golden Retriever named "Diva" to my attorney this past December for an inspection to provide "proof of life."
I was present at that inspection and performed an AKC DNA swab which has been submitted.
I am awaiting AKC DNA test results to see if the DNA swab is a match to the parents of my Diva.
As a result of jury trial in which the defendant was found guilty of the charges above, along with damages in the amount of $48,000 plus attorney fees, I am requesting immediate AKC disciplinary action against Nickie L. Hertzog for her egregious offenses including the refusal to return DIVA despite the judgment.
All of which are extremely prejudicial to the best interest of AKC purebred dogs and to the sport of dogs.
I need to further state that my attorney received discovery information from the defendant, Nickie L. Hertzog referencing contact with AKC board member William Feeney while preparing her AKC complaint.
If disciplinary action against Nickie L. Hertzog involves the AKC board members, I am requesting that AKC recuse William Feeney because of conflict of interest, and the inability to be impartial because of the known association between both Hertzog and Feeney. Both are Golden Retriever breeders and have bred to each others dogs.
For reference I have attached the civil complaint, two page judgment, Expert witness David Moore's testimony, Fraudulent co-owner document and source document, AKC letter to Hertzog granding AKC therapy dog certification, Information advertising the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club specialty as well as discovery referencing William Feeney.
If further information or documents are required, please contact me.
Submitted by Debra Hanson, January 26, 2018 at 11:51AM.
The next day, Lisa Johnston responded via email that they review my correspondence and submissions and will forward me their response in writing.
30 days and counting on my AKC DNA submission.... no results yet.
Let's see how long it will take AKC to do the right thing and rid us of deplorable people who give this sport a BAD NAME!
Part 11... "Exposure"

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