Judgment for $48,000.

PLUS paying both parties attorney fees and costs...

For Diva... MY DOG.

I am still waiting on the AKC DNA results because this does not make sense.

Over $100K for DIVA - for what purpose?

For the past 600 plus days, there has been numerous speculations from many people weighing in....

Hiding the fact Diva is dead?

Hiding the fact Diva is in Canada under another registry producing better Golden Retrievers puppies than what the defendant ever produced...

Hiding the fact Diva was indeed severely injured in that RV accident when Diva's head was slammed into the metal built in dog crate aboard the defendant's RV after spear chucking the open awning into another exhibitors RV causing over $9000 worth of damage to the other party.

Hiding the hit and run, not stopping to see if other people and animals were killed or inured.

CAUGHT because of an RV post on facebook the defendant responded to.

Hiding the fact that Diva was diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome as a result of a HEAD TRAUMA caused by that RV accident.

CAUGHT because I contacted the veterinarian for the diagnosis because I paid for the charges.

CAUGHT not seeking necessary veterinary care for DIVA because she wasn't seen for the HEAD TRAUMA until two weeks later.

Hiding the speculation that because of the head trauma Diva probably can't walk four steps without going into a seizure.

Hiding some other health issue that I am not aware of.

Hiding the speculation that Diva was given drugs prior to the inspection so she wouldn't go into seizures.

Hiding the speculation that Diva was given drugs prior to the inspection because Diva was not the happy go lucky puppy I bred and own. Diva didn't recognize me as her momma...

Hiding the fact that Diva is STILL in the hands of a criminal with zero conscious and no moral compass and Diva is living in a Missouri kennel to rot in spite. Butt hurt about a reputation that is disseminating by the defendant's own actions.

Hiding the fact that despite a JURY saying Diva is 100 percent mine, and convicted of CONVERSION (Theft), Trespass of Chattel and disparagement of Title, the games continue.

I said it from day one... and I'll say it again.


Court Documents
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Hertzog Post
justice for diva opthalmologist report
      Veterinary Report
justice for diva opthalmologist report


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