Part Two
JUSTICE FOR DIVA - Part two - TWISTER. After my multiple attempts to get DIVA back failed, I contacted the Cass County Sheriff's department in Defendants district. Cass County Sheriff's department contacted the defendant. The defendant made a false claim to the Cass County Sheriff's department when defendant claimed ownership on Diva. Thereby avoiding arrest for felony animal theft. Cass County Sheriff's Department told me that because the defendant claimed ownership, it would be a civil matter. To further bolster her claim, defendant filed a fraudulent report with AKC stating she owns 50 percent interest in not only Diva, but with Twister.

As a result of this complaint which included DIVA who was and has remained somewhere.... AKC placed a hold on the both AKC registrations of Diva and Twister which caused me to not be able to gain immediate possession of Diva and not be able to produce AKC registered puppies from Twister.

My attorney has a letter from AKC which states in part that AKC REGISTRATION FORMS do not constitute legal ownership - period. This AKC letter was presented by my attorney as evidence. During the discovery process the Defendant who was representing herself until last November, sent a stack of documents to my attorney. Documents we requested. In that stack, I was shocked to see on portions of the AKC complaint filed by defendant with the name of BILL FEENEY (AKC BOARD MEMBER) appear at the top on an email correspondence referencing the subject “EMAIL TO BILL FEENEY.” Feeney and the defendant have known each other for decades, breeding to and leasing a bitch from the defendant.

Defendant testified under oath that she had a "vested" interest in Twister because Twister stayed with defendant one night in her RV at a Colorado dog show while I had dinner with others, AND for approximately four days following an Oklahoma show that we all (Diva and Twister) attended. THAT was her testimony. THAT was her "vested interest" in Twister.

Defendant was asked under oath if I, the Plaintiff would send her a few bags of dog food would she stop with her ownership claim to Twister. Answer - no.

After FOUR DAYS of testimony from myself and my expert witnesses, with the defendant herself being her ONLY witness, and presented no expert witnesses (or anyone else) - the jury of 12 handed down their verdict AND a judgment for damages on TWISTER. - TRESPASS OF CHATTEL AND DISPARAGEMENT OF TITLE. Meaning she tried to convert 50 percent ownership of Twister to her benefit. Theft with the exception of possession.

Court Documents
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Feeney email
Diva - AKC
justice for diva judgement

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