Sherwood's Gotta Have Faith

Faith came to stay at Sherwood on July 23, 2001

I adopted Faith, a Jack Russell Terrier in 2001 while working as an animal control officer. Faith was hit by a car on a freeway and left for dead. Faith survived and like so many other pets, sadly her owners never came to claim her. The accident left Faith with a neurological problem making her unadoptable. I provided Faith with a forever home and within a year Faith was healthy. Faith, my constant companion rode with me nightly sharing my animal control experiences. We shared over a decade of wonderful times, and I will always cherish those memories. Faith left this earth on August 27, 2013. I often think about Faith, and when I do, I don’t cry because I know she is waiting for me.

Here is my tribute to Faith…

Her joys were simple. She didn’t ask for much. A soft bed with her pink blanket. Her own dresser of clothes. A burger with some fries. A scrap fallen from the table. Riding shotgun in my animal control truck. Her fur brothers and sisters and most importantly just me.

She’s older now… her belly hangs over crossed legs as she falls asleep in a patch of sun streaming through the window. Dreaming of chasing tennis balls in the field her legs move as if she were a puppy. Her white whiskered face that brings a smile on my face. I pet her head and kiss her forehead which carries the scar that bonded us.

She once danced by my side. She is the very definition of joy unleashed. I can see her shining eyes and remember her youthful barks. She followed me faithfully for years. And would plunge into fires, untamed wildernesses and into raging waters if I asked. Truly devoted.

Now, she struggles to catch up. Her pace slow but her heart still valiant. Her cloudy eyes are starting to dim and go distant, tuning in to some invisible world. Just beyond my reach. Devastating… Helpless…

“Don’t go” I say, as you scratch the tender part between her ears. Stay longer. I can’t imagine a world without your fur pressed close to my cheek. There are still so many journeys we haven’t explored! Please. And she looks up at you with a wisdom that just slays me. I exhale.

Her back is bent, not from the weight of years, but from the invisible wings she is growing that will soon take her to a place where once more they are warriors of speed. Drunk with the sights and scents of a thousand meadows and endless tennis balls to fetch. Again, she will be able to leap high enough to capture that thrown ball. I want the best for her right?

Faith is now in a place where she will wait for me to catch up. I miss you Faith. If you had the ability to see yourself through my eyes, you would realize how truly important and special you are to me. Wait for me… please.

July 23, 2001 – August 27, 2014
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