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CH Sherwood's The Golden Snitch BISS

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(CH Sherwood's Wiseguy ex CH Claircrest It's Snow Business OD)


•   Born: March 24, 2001
•   WB/BOW/BOS from the 6 to 9 class for 2 points - Nov 2001
•   BEST IN SWEEPS - Colorado Specialty 2002
•   Major owner handled from the 12 to 18 class - 2002
•   Championship in 2003 shown in a handful of shows!
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LET THE MAGIC BEGIN…" If you are not a Harry Potter fan, you will not understand Seeker's name. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will understand and appreciate her name. "The Golden Snitch" is a silvery winged ball which is highly sought after in the flying broom stick game of Quidditch. "The Golden Snitch" is bewitched to evade capture for as long as possible. A game of Quidditch ends only when "The Golden Snitch" is captured. The "Seeker" is one of players on the Quidditch team that is highly talented. Seekers need both a sharp eye and the ability to fly a broom stick one- or no-handed.
Seeker was born talented and I swear she could fly a Nimbus 2000 if I gave her one! Seeker is a beautiful dog. She moves like the wind is beneath her feet. Her extension is so good Seeker is literally off the ground at times. Possibly flying on her invisible Nimbus 2000 broomstick…

Seeker has a pleasing expression, correctly aligned eyes, and the devilish grin she is known to have. Seeker has all her pearly white properly aligned teeth. She has a wonderful long neck. Balanced both front and rear showing off her correct forechest and nice angulations. Seeker has a strong top line that doesn't bounce around when moving. A properly aligned tail set showing off her thick tail feathers. Seeker has dark pigmentation and good bone substance. Seeker is very athletic and has great muscle definition due to all the "Quidditch" games she participates in.

Seeker has a great attitude and loves life. Seeker does have a sharp eye and misses nothing! Seeker is always on the move and enjoys playing with her Sherwood friends. I wonder is she visits Hogwarts in her dreams. Surely, Seeker is one of the best puppies born at Sherwood.

"The magic did begin" for Seeker winning points from the 6 to 9 puppy bitch class, and winning a wonderful Best In Sweeps at the Colorado Specialty. The same weekend, she obtained her first major from the 12 to 18 class, owner handled. I was told "Great Mover" as I was handed the purple ribbon.

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