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If you are interested in a Sherwood puppy in the future, download and complete our puppy application. After you have completed the application, please email back to: The application can be emailed back as an attachment or copied and pasted into an email message.

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diva and twister

Are you looking for the perfect puppy? Please purchase and read the book BEFORE AND AFTER GETTING YOUR PUPPY - By Dr Ian Dunbar BEFORE you decide to purchase any puppy.

Sherwood Golden Retrievers offers high quality healthy Golden Retriever puppies. We care more about the physical and mental health of the puppies we produce more than we care about the coat condition and conformation.

Each Sherwood puppy represents a combination of the best traits of his or her own parents. Each parent is selected by years of experience researching pedigree backgrounds, honest health history, and selecting the true Golden Retriever temperaments to insure your puppy is not only beautiful, healthy, and smart but will bring you years of pure Golden enjoyment.

Sherwood is available before and after getting your puppy outlining everything you need to know about raising your puppy to make it the best family companion ever. We have a positive approach to raising a happy healthy and well-behaved dog. We are available to answer all your questions and concerns before bringing your puppy home, and will still be available once your puppy leaves Sherwood, throughout the adolescent stage, into adulthood and on in to those senior years.

Sherwood offers a 100 percent guarantee. If for any reason, you chose not to keep your Sherwood dog because of any reason, we would take the dog back with all necessary releases and paperwork. Sherwood does NOT offer reimbursement on any veterinary expenses of ANY kind. Your puppy was healthy when it left Sherwood. We can not be responsible for how the puppy is being raised or properly fed and if the new owners are adhering to the proper guidelines discussed on numerous occasions on how to properly raise a healthy puppy. What Sherwood will do is take the puppy back at any point in its life, delivered to Sherwood by and at the expense of the puppy owner, and Sherwood would provide you with a refund of the total purchase price immediately upon delivery. You certainly do not get an option of obtaining another Sherwood Puppy as a replacement. Sherwood highly recommends and has discussed obtaining pet insurance to cover the veterinary expenses should they occur while in your possession.

Sherwood offers puppies periodically throughout the year. It is best to contact us directly and inquire about when we are expecting the little Sherwood bundles of joy. Sherwood requires a completed puppy application and an interview to be considered for a Sherwood puppy. All Sherwood puppies are sold on spay neuter puppy contracts. Sherwood Golden Retrievers welcomes visitors by appointment.

Sherwood show puppies are available only to prescreened selected experienced known Golden Retriever homes with a proven show history which has resulted in numerous self-obtained AKC championship and/or working titles. Sherwood will not sell a show puppy to first time exhibitors.