May 21, 2016 - I asked the defendants to return Diva.
September 1, 2016 - I filed a criminal complaint with the Cass County Sheriff's Department in Missouri for the felony theft of DIVA.
When the sheriff went to the defendant's property and spoke to the defendant, she presented him with a catalog showing Diva was entered in Sweepstakes and the defendant was listed as co-owner for the purposes of showing in sweeps only.
THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB has stated the AKC registration forms are NOT the equivalent of legal title on dogs.
THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB has stated they "ARE simply a registry."
The Sheriff informed me that I would have to pursue the recovery of DIVA through the civil courts.
During the discovery process in the civil case, I received email correspondence from the defendant to THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB trying to get a copy of the registration forms on both dogs to show ownership.
THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB informed the defendant neither dog was in her name - which prompted the defendant to file the fraudulent complaint against me. I contacted THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB and was told that they DO NOT get involved in ownership disputes and told me to pursue the recovery of Diva through the civil courts.
I filed the civil complaint in December of 2016.
Thirteen months later, and after a series of nonsense motions filed by the defendant, the jury spoke -
Civil wrong (tort) in which one converts another's property to his/her own use, which is a fancy way of saying "steals." Conversion includes treating another's goods as one's own, holding onto such property which accidentally comes into the convertor's (taker's) hands, or purposely giving the impression the assets belong to him/her. This gives the true owner the right to sue for his/her own property or the value and loss of use of it, as well as going to law enforcement authorities since conversion usually includes the crime of theft.
Trespass to chattels is a tort whereby one party intentionally interferes or intentionally inter meddles with another person's lawful possession of a chattel. The interference can be any physical contact with the chattel or by dispossession of the chattel by taking it, destroying it, or barring the owner's access to it. *** DISPAREGEMENT OF TITLE OF TWISTER.
a false and malicious written or spoken public statement disparaging a person's title to property that causes harm for which special damages may be awarded [damages for the filing of a fraudulent lien and for slander of title.
In addition to the above - I was awarded damages in the amount of $48,000.00.
In addition to the above, the judgment stated -
Plaintiff, Debra Hanson is 100 percent owner of the dog Diva - Sherwood's Super Heroine.
Plaintiff, Debra Hanson is 100 percent owner of the dog Twister, Sherwood's Super Hero Unleashed.
The jury spoke, the judge signed the judgment, and the paperwork was filed.
Numerous opportunities were given to both defendants to return Diva for the past 20 plus months.
Both defendants chose to remain quiet and allowed me to believe Diva had died.
My attorney had to request an inspection of Diva in order for me to know if Diva was alive. That didn't happen until December of 2017.
Again, I simply wanted Diva back.
The AKC DNA didn't come back until February 2018 proving DIVA was in fact alive.
Spiteful defendants, claiming to be victims, brought the lawsuit upon themselves.
All they had to do was pick one of several opportunities to return Diva which would not have cost them a dime.
Once I was provided copies of the judgment by the court, I sent the judgment to THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB, specifically to AKC representative Lisa Johnston and asked her to take action against this despicable person for her egregious actions that are certainly not in the best interest of purebred dogs.
Stealing Diva. (Conversion)
The false and written statement to AKC which caused AKC to put a hold on Twister's AKC registration. (Trespass to Chattel)
The false AND written statement to AKC disparaging the registration on Twister which was put on hold because of a fraudulent lien. (Disparagement of title)
Filing a false complaint with The American Kennel Club to keep felony dog theft handcuffs from being slapped on by the Cass County Sheriff.
Presenting a fraudulent complaint to a court in the hopes to gain an advantage in a civil suit that was proven to have my signature "cut and pasted" as well as other inconsistencies.
The judgment for $48,0000.
The American Kennel Club states - if conduct is prejudicial to the best interest of purebred dogs, purebred dog events, or the AKC - they will take disciplinary action.
My complaint to the American Kennel Club was met with opposition.
1. AKC contends that the defendants actions and the jury award has nothing to do with AKC documents.
2. AKC contends that defendant stated she will appeal the judgment and therefor will not pursue disciplinary action at this time.
3. AKC states - "We are strictly a dog registry."
4. The AKC will not assist in the recovery or apply disciplinary action against people that have been found guilty of conversion - the theft of a dog. 5. AKC doesn't care about specialty events hosted on the property of the defendant regardless of what the actions of the defendant are.
6. The American Kennel Club cannot enforce a court judgment or suspend someone to because of a court judgment.
My last email from Lisa Johnston, THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB stated -
If you want to pursue this matter further, you can file a Charters and Bylaws Complaint. The address to mail the complaint is The American Kennel, 260 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016. Information on a Charters and Bylaws Complaint is available for review online on our Website at...
http://images.akc.org/pdf/rulebooks/RCNA01.pdf under Article XII, Section 1 of the Charters and Bylaws.
We are also attaching the information they request to file the complaint.
The Board of Directors will review Charter and Bylaw complaints pursuant to Article XII, Section 1, that are submitted with the following information and in the following format:
1) The steps you have taken to resolve this matter. If a club dispute, have all the steps specified in our brochure, Working it Out – AKC Guidelines for Resolving Dog Club Issues, been taken;
2) A concise statement of the facts;
3) A concise statement of how the facts/actions alleged constitute conduct prejudicial to the best interests of purebred dogs, purebred dog events or The AKC; 4) The entire complaint should not exceed 10 pages in length; be at least in 9 font size with 1 inch margins;
5) The complaint must be sworn to before a notary; and
6) A deposit in the amount of $500 must accompany the complaint.
Is your blood pressure boiling yet? (I, for one am DONE supporting this "registry")
I don't think it's necessary for me to state the facts as to how the actions of this defendant have everything to do with THE American Kennel Club and how The American Kennel Club should take action on this and so far as refused.
To think I support this organization and believed in them when they told me they would take action once I prevailed in the civil courts.
I do believe most people do not pursue these types of claims and let it go because of financial reasons, or just plain not wanting to deal with it. It's just a dog... attitude.
I spent my entire career speaking on behalf of abused animals that couldn't talk themselves and bringing justice to those that harm them through the court system.
Countless hours of investigating, interviewing, documenting, photographing, report writing...
I supported rescues when they were above board and did the right thing.
I spent my entire life, not just professionally rescuing ALL animals in need and still do. Finding home for dogs whose owners have passed, or other unfortunate circumstances.
I adopted a Jack Russell Terrier named Faith, who was hit by a car on a busy freeway and left for dead. My co-worker received the call and when nobody wanted to take the chance on her recovery, I took that chance.
You can read about Faith on Sherwoodgoldens.com.
When a singleton puppy was brought into the animal shelter after her mother was hit by a car, the shelter wanted to euthanize her because she was unweaned. I took her. Her name is Graci. She's a pit bull Terrier mix who lives with me today. The best dog ever!
I flew to Kentucky to spring Kentucky Lacey from another animal shelter after being dumped there at eleven years old. Spent $$$$ for her mast cell removal surgeries at the best vet clinics in San Francisco to insure her recovery and dealt with her pancreatitis issues. I spend $100 a month on Royal Canin special diet food. Despite Kentucky Lacey's health issues, I don't regret a day. I only regret not knowing about her sooner.
Last winter when it was snowmageddon here in Idaho, I made a house for a tiny mouse who got caught up in the snow to insure warmth, and fed his little butt all winter long because there was no accessible food otherwise.
I contacted my veterinarian who probably thought I was crazy on how to properly euthanize my sick Goldfish. Flushing him just wasn't an option.
I cremate all my dogs and have parts of their ashes made into hand blown glass hearts.
I purchased a niche at the San Francisco Columbarium, not just for me, but to insure my dogs ashes in those glass hearts would have a final resting place after my own death. I don't have a urn, but my dogs have their "niche."
The point of all of this is I could never sleep at night if I turned my back on one of my own animals when I have spent thousands of hours and dollars saving others....
I am ashamed of THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB and their NON-PROFIT STATUS as detailed in the 2015 tax return I've attached. Take a peek... familiar names.
President base salary, bonus, other income totaling how much?? WOW.
Directors working five hours a week making $12K a year. FIVE HOURS A WEEK?
2015 AKC tax returns -
2014 AKC tax returns -
I am not only ashamed that this organization doesn't recognize JUST FOR DIVA as a platform to address the ever growing trend of stealing dogs for profit, but for the lack of empathy shown to those parties such as myself who have to jump through hoops for Justice.
Hoops... not a problem. Jumped many and will continue to JUMP as necessary!

AKC Rules for Suspension
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AKC Suspension 1
  AKC Suspension 2
  AKC Suspension 3

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